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1Flexibility is needed to perform everyday activities with relative ease. Over time, we create body movements and posture habits that can lead to reduced mobility of joints and compromised body positions. Without adequate flexibility, daily activities become more difficult to perform. Caban Fitness routines include flexibility training to help improve your flexibility, and thus, enhance performance in aerobic training and muscular conditioning as well as your daily life.


2Think you’re too old to start a strength training program? Well think again! Strength training is just what your body needs to fight the loss of muscle, bone mass and strength that comes with age. If you don’t do anything to replace the lean muscle you lose, you’ll increase the percentage of fat in your body. As a result, medical problems that could’ve been avoided may arise. Strength training doesn’t mean bodybuilding or bulking up, it means giving your body a way to fight chronic conditions, boost stamina, and control weight. Let Caban Fitness show you the way!


3If you think cardio is just for weight loss, think again! Research shows that adding cardio exercise to your fitness routine strengthens your heart, helps you build endurance, and improves your overall mood helping reduce depression symptoms. Caban Fitness can combine a routine that’s perfect for your overall goal. Whether weight loss, muscle gain or better health, cardio helps you achieve your goal in a shorter time.



Endurance training not only enhances your performance while working out, but also contributes to your overall health, providing you with energy, improved heart function and increased metabolism.  “Endurance” refers to your ability to exert yourself or remain active over time. It also refers to your ability to withstand fatigue, stress or pain. It’s an important aspect to everyone’s life. Caban Fitness makes sure to include not only endurance but also flexibility, strength and cardio, creating a complete and explosive workout.